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Established in 2011, the Association for Sustainable Development in Education (ADDE) is a non-profit organization, based in Bucharest, with more than 100 members, teachers, school and high school directors, school inspectors, trainers, students , representatives of the business environment, with a rich activity at national and international level.

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For me, the "Stop bullying through education for democratic citizenship in school units" course means identifying solutions to reduce bullying so that we can help educate our children to grow as whole-hearted people, without scars, without trauma, without suffering . I became a richer man knowing all the experiences shared by my students, experiences that caused them throughout the professional career to respond against any aggression.

Mirela Zivari - Psychologist

With 20 years of experience in the development, development, implementation and evaluation of programs and projects, specializing in professional ethics, social services, child protection, refugee care, crime, prison, probation, entrepreneurship, leadership, emerging needs of children and young people and the training of professionals from the social assistance system and related fields, we also had the opportunity to work on the projects of the Association for Sustainable Development in Education. With the team A.D.D.E. I worked in training programs addressed to social professionals through the two training courses, "Ethics and values in social services" and "Skills in communication, negotiation and cultural diversity of professionals in social services", contributing to increasing the quality of social services and of working in the multidisciplinary team.

Lector Univ. Dr. Smaranda Witec - Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, President of the Bucharest Territorial Structure of the National College of Social Workers in Romania.

Between December 5-20, 2019, the teachers from the Economic College „Virgil Madgearu” participated in the course: STOP BULLYING BY EDUCATION FOR DEMOCRATIC CITIZENSHIP IN SCHOOL UNITS, supported by the psychologist Mrs. Mirela Zivari. The theme of the course was of interest to teachers, especially during this period, when the Anti-Bullying Law came into force and the need to know the effects of psychological violence and the methods by which these aggressions can be combated and prevented is high. The course had a great impact on the students, especially through the structure proposed by Mrs. Zivari psychologist and through the concrete examples with which she accompanied the explanations, as well as through the answers given with professionalism. Following the course dissemination took place at the level of the Professional Council, at the classes of management and in the meetings with the parents.

Prof. Dana Iliescu - Deputy Director, Economic College „Virgil Madgearu”, Bucharest

The ERASMUS + project, “The models in the educational systems, focused on the ecological education of the students, aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and the rational use of natural resources,” gave me the opportunity to transpose the accumulated competences in the ecological field in the project “The Enemies Within”, project on which I carried out at the school level for two years. This is the final product obtained from the training in Samos and had the main objective to familiarize students in the secondary school cycle with concepts such as eco or bio products, food additives, parabens. Also, through the practical activities, the students realized how important it is to read the label and how to choose the most suitable food and cosmetic products depending on the ingredients contained.

Prof. Monica Căruntu - "Titu Maiorecu" High School, Bucharest

The project "Innovative models applicable in the educational systems, focused on the ecological education of the students, aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and the rational use of natural resources" was the most successful in terms of content and value offered. I was inspired and very motivated, I liked the approach based on rational explanations based on studies. Successful spells, valuable information and wonderful stories.

Prof. Simona Velea - Theoretical High School "Ion Barbu", Bucharest

Participation in the project with the exercise companies organized by the Association for Sustainable Development in Education was, in my opinion, an extraordinary opportunity, both for those involved and for observers. The program proved to be a success, as more and more schools in Romania joined from year to year, the event proving, for our students, a completely special experience. The Youth Business Summit and International Trade Exhibition, held in New York every year, is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, to engage our students in an extremely useful endeavor to put into practice theoretical notions about economic principles. basic, along with other colleagues of their age, from many other states of the world.

Prof. Iulia Muşat - Theoretical High School „N. Iorga ”, Bucharest

As a school unit director, I participated in the Continuing Vocational Training Program, entitled "Effective communication and conflict resolution in the school environment - COMED". The training program, supported by the trainers of the Association for Sustainable Development in Education, between October and December 2015, was carried out in partnership with the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest and the Center for Educational and Sport Projects of Bucharest-PROEDUS within the City Hall of the Municipality of Bucharest. The course, having as a target group a number of 660 principals / deputy principals of the pre-university education units in Bucharest, addressed a very topical problem for the school today, namely the need for school mediation, starting from the types of conflicts in school. As a conclusion, after the completion of the course, the idea was emphasized that, not so much the number of school conflicts worries, but how to approach them, an idea that I found extremely interesting. Starting from this axiom presented by the trainer, I learned, based on the arguments presented by him, that how the process of knowledge and understanding of conflicts in all stages of maturation of the child will be organized, depends on the baggage with which it will go into adult life. . The school is a mini-social, and the way children will learn to interact with peers and representatives of other generations in its territory depends on how they will do so in the real mature society. If conflicts have a destructive role in the child's life, their negative consequences will be felt after many years. If, however, the conflicting interactions of the school years will teach him to have an attitude towards the conflict, towards the possibility of deeply understanding the opponent, this positive experience can be successfully used again. The communication will not present a danger for this person, but it will significantly expand its possibilities in both professional and personal life. In this context, the conflict can be seen as the initiator of change and can become a source of education in the school environment, an opportunity to strengthen the school, a lever for creating a friendly, attractive school environment.

Dana Zloteanu - Deputy Director Technical College of Post and Telecommunications "Gheorghe Airinei"

I participated in the course "Effective communication and mediation of conflicts in the school environment- COMED", supported by trainers from the Association for Sustainable Development in Education, course conducted in partnership with the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest and the Center for Educational and Sport Projects Bucharest-PROEDUS. As the deputy director of a pre-university education unit I am often confronted with conflicts, hence the need to have their mediation skills. The course I attended gave me the opportunity to know many ways to mediate conflicts. The defining elements that contributed to their acquisition were the training of trainers and the quality of the program.

Prof. ANGHEL MARIANA GABRIELA - Deputy Director National College "Emil Racoviță" Bucharest

I attended the "Stop bullying through education for democratic citizenship in school units" course in the first semester of this school year. It was a very good choice because the theoretical part, briefly and efficiently, helped me to delimit other forms of violence that appear among the students, the phenomenon so recently publicized, the phenomenon of bullying. The practical part has made available to me several tools of identification within the groups of students of the most vulnerable, the first step in stopping the bullying in the beginning phase. We thank the psychologist Mrs. Mirele Zivari.

Prof. Oana - Ancuta Dobrescu - Director, "Cezar Boliac" High School

The Association for Sustainable Development in Education, in short ADDE, has a rich activity carrying out many interesting educational projects but by far the most fruitful of all is to organize the participation of smart and creative students at the Fair of the Firms of Exercise (Youth Business Summit & International Trade Exhibition), which takes place every year in New York, USA. I had the opportunity to be part of the group and participate in this fair. I can say that I lived a unique, intense experience not only because of the location - a dream come true - but also because of the people with whom we were, true professionals, of the extraordinary children involved and determined to be among the winners - what happened - but also the warm, friendly atmosphere. I have learned many things during this trip, I have known wonderful places, but especially people with everything that enriched my life. Thank you, ADDE!

Prof. Monica Bunescu - Theoretical High School „N. Iorga ”, Bucharest

The project developed by ADDE (Association for Sustainable Development in Education), "Innovative models applicable in education systems, focused on ecological education of students, aimed at conserving biodiversity and rational use of natural resources" was an opportunity to acquire useful skills in the field Ecological education. The teamwork and the practical nature of the activities made the project useful and motivating. We capitalized on the knowledge and skills acquired during the workshops of the project held in Greece between 17 and 30 May 2015, Samos. We have translated, for example, in educational activities, for the benefit of students (leadership lessons), much of the information in the guide developed in the project: lessons on product labeling, lessons on "Eco products" from the perspective of additives and preservatives on which contain them. I still approach, on different occasions, the subject of "Eco products", being a topical issue. I was pleasantly impressed not only by the research work of the Greek partners in the organization Archpelagos - Samos, but also by the volunteer work at the island level, in terms of care for the fauna, flora, environment, and last but not least, for people. Thank you!.

Prof. Monica Gica - “Titu Maiorecu” Gymnasium School, Bucharest

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