Integration of ICT tools in the educational process

“Integration of ICT instruments in the educational process” accredited by OMEN Nr. 5046 / 06.09.2018, 15 professional credits transferable (60 hours); Target group: Teaching staff from pre-university education The proposed training program corresponds to the requirements imposed by the Law on National Education and Order no. 5564 of 07.10.2011 issued MECTS, modified by OMECS 5387 / 30.09.2016. At the content level, we note the novelty, quality and diversity of information, provided by the specialists for this field. At the level of the actual activities, we notice the diversity and the interactive character of the methods of structuring the knowledge and training the competences, different ways of evaluating and self-evaluating the competences. The needs of Romanian education require the configuration of a model of the educational process that is in accordance with the new requirements on the labor market. In recent decades, information and communication technologies have revolutionized most areas of activity from agriculture to industry, trade, medicine and education.  The implementation of ICT in the educational system will lead to the change of the role that teachers have in the teaching-learning process. For the professional development of the staff involved in education, advanced knowledge is required (security, network administration), but especially it is necessary to consolidate the basic knowledge – operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and their implementation current in the teaching-learning process.  Thus, principles are outlined to base the change of mentality regarding the need for continuous training, direct and constructive participation in one’s own training. The curriculum of the training program is customized for the needs of the students, it adapts the training issue both to the local specifics and to the origin of the trainees from the target group, taking into account the level of knowledge and the needs of the students.

The program “Integration of ICT tools in the educational process” addresses all categories of teaching staff and falls within the scope of lifelong learning, with the aim of continuing education to optimize the exercise of training, communication and intra-intersystem relations through training and skills development in education pre-university in order to integrate interactive methods and technologies in the educational process.

The course is structured on two modules with eight training topics, each of which proposes in addition to theoretical aspects and many practical activities, through which students have the opportunity to develop skills specific to teachers through a continuing education program, in order to enable sustainable teacher curricula using digital tools.

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