Efficient communication and conflict mediation in the school environment

“Efficient communication and mediation of conflicts in the school environment” accredited by OMEN Nr. 3136 / 25.01.2017, 15 professional credits transferable (60 hours).

Target group: Teaching staff, auxiliary teaching staff and teaching staff with leadership, guidance and control functions in pre-university education.

The emergence of conflicts in the school environment, regardless of their nature and protagonists, requires a greater attention in their management and resolution. addressing and resolving conflicts in such a way that the image of the school organization is not affected, implies the development of both communication and mediation and negotiation skills for all the factors involved in the educational process.

School mediation consists in facilitating the school-family-community dialogue, improving the image of the participants in the educational process, obtaining a climate of trust, as well as monitoring the children regarding the activity within the school.

Mediation of a conflict in educational institutions also brings the possibility of resolving the dispute through a mediator. The high success rate of this type of conflict mediation brings students and teachers in a relationship of dialogue, cooperation, understanding and communication during school time, all for the benefit of the educational process.

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