Stop bullying through education for democratic citizenship in schools

“Stop bullying through education for democratic citizenship in schools” accredited by OMEN Nr. 4482 / 15.07.2019, 15 transferable professional credits (60 hours); Target group: Teaching staff, auxiliary teaching staff and teaching staff with management, guidance and control functions in Pre-university education.

The needs of Romanian education require the configuration of a model of the teaching profession in terms of ensuring an educational act in which students feel safe, and the profession requires a set of knowledge and skills described and structured in a professional model articulated by professional standards . This model justifies the design of the program and is found in the needs of the target group.

In this way, principles are formed that will base the change of mentality regarding the need for continuous training, direct and constructive participation in one’s own training.

The curriculum of the training program is one tailored to the needs of the learners, it adapts the training problem both to the local specificity and to the origin of the trainers from the target group, taking into account the level of knowledge and the needs of the learners.

The purpose of the program is to train and develop the skills and competences needed by the teaching staff in pre-university education in order to efficiently carry out the actions and activities to achieve the objectives of the educational unit. Improving the skills of teachers to provide quality education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds by adapting teaching – learning – assessment and extracurricular activities to the diversity of students’ identified needs.

The training program has the following purposes:

  • Identification of the main causes of the bullying phenomenon in order to ensure a quality educational act for a democratic citizenship
  • Behavioral and attitudinal change in order to increase the professionalization of the educational act for a democratic citizenship.

The general objectives of the training program are:

  • Familiarizing students with specific concepts in identifying and defining human violence from a socio-psychological and educational perspective;
  • Resolving conflict situations, following the investigation, through mediation and negotiation, in order to ensure a climate of trust and responsibility of the learning / development process;
  • Application of methods and programs of social and educational intervention in order to adapt and social and socio-professional integration;

Designing an educational approach, capitalizing on the specific principles of education for a democratic citizenship, in order to combat bullying in schools

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