Young people in charge of preserving national identity

The venue is: Bucharest, Romania and Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The general objective of the project is: Promoting the national values ​​of the Romanian people; development period: May – November 2017. We estimate an average participation of 50 participants / event (40 young people representing the target group). The proposed activities are: 1) contacting the Romanian communities in the Republic of Moldova; 2) project promotion; 3) preparation and implementation of the project, with the sub-activities: a) selection of the target group; b) organizing an awareness training on the importance of using non-formal methods of education (emphasis on Photo Voice); c) organizing a workshop for training young people in photo technique; d) joint activities – 7 days – in the Republic of Moldova: a virtual photo exhibition will be organized (minimum 1000 photos), on the following 5 fields: personalities and events; natural beauties; Romanian folk songs and dances; crafts, occupations; habits and traditions; 4) project evaluation; 5) dissemination and continuity of the project.

Project objectives

  • Raising awareness about the importance of knowing the most important events in the history of the Romanian people, of their trades, their specific occupations, customs, traditions related to different moments in life / communities / people, by a group of 40 young people (20 Romanian young people) from the Republic of Moldova, 20 Romanian young people from Romania), for a period of 8 weeks
  • Creating the creativity of 40 Romanian young people with reduced opportunities (20 from the Republic of Moldova and 20 from Romania), by implementing the Photo Voice method – so, by training and perfecting the skills in the IT field and the photographic art, the managerial skills, for a period of time. 8 weeks
  • Support and support for the study of the Romanian language and literature, of Romanian culture and civilization, as essential tools in knowing the spirituality of the Romanian people and in the open expression of their belonging to Romanian, by a group of 40 young Romanian (20 young Romanian from the Republic of Moldova and 20 Romanian young people from Romania), for a period of 8 weeks


  • The School Inspector of the Municipality of Bucharest City Hall of Sector 1 Bucharest
  • Pretura Center Chisinau
  • “Virgil Madgearu” Economic College Bucharest
  • Theoretical High School “Ion Barbu” Bucharest
  • High School 162
  • High School 181
  • “Elena Văcărescu” High School

The project aims to provide young people with the opportunity and the tools to become active members of the society. Through photographs, they have the opportunity to make known their lifestyle and the problems they face: marginalization, discrimination, social exclusion, intolerance and ignorance. The main PhotoVoice method is a non-formal education method that allows photo subjects to become their creators. The young people behind the camera can transmit to those around them what life means in their community, meeting young people with a different cultural background who dreamed of the same thing.