Health is a state of well-being. You’re good?

The Health project is a well-being. Are you okay ?, organized by the School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest in collaboration with the Association for Sustainable Development in Education, Bukovina, Kineto Bebe, The Foundation for the Value of Life, Sas Gym, Fitness Concept, the Food Consumers Association aims to stimulate the interest of adolescents towards and the benefits of consuming healthy foods, which can be combined in different variants and can be substitutes for fast food. Equally, the purpose of the project is aimed at increasing the motivation of young people to practice sports, but also to understand the variety of sports alternatives in order to choose those that fit the specific human data.

In this project were involved 100 students, coming from four high schools of Bucharest, which were evaluated by specialists in the field: physiotherapists, fitness coaches, nutrition consultants. They received individually an evaluation sheet regarding: muscle mass, body fat, obesity, hydration level, bone mass, body calories, body type, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age.

The training program attended by the selected students took place over three months and consisted of: training in a fitness room and a personalized diet. The young people were accompanied to the fitness room by the trainer once or several times a week. Tutorials were developed on the physical and emotional state of the subjects, before and after the project program.