Carousel of trades – support services for the career orientation of children from the Bucharest secondary school education

The project “Carousel of vocational support services for the career guidance of children from Bucharest secondary school education” aims to increase the information of 900 students in the 7th and 8th grades, from 30 schools in Bucharest, regarding to the options regarding the educational and professional course, which will develop their decision-making capacity regarding the choice of the future profession, the career orientation and their socio-professional integration, through the non-formal education.·        In the first stage, the selected pilot education units are informed about the project (5 schools in each sector), followed by the selection of the target group at each of these pilot schools, respectively 30 students from each pilot school. At the same time, the ISMB applicant will conclude 18 partnerships with economic agents for the project (3 agreements at sector level).·        In the second stage, the activities will be carried out with the 900 students, both in the pilot schools and at the economic agents with whom the partnership agreements have been concluded by the applicant, during which the students from the target group will be presented, theoretically and practically, a wide range of jobs and qualifications. At the same time, the editor of the magazine of trades on the Bucharest labor market, the 3 experts with the elaboration of 6 materials / articles, the expert of layout and graphic design magazine and the photographer expert will create the magazine of trades on the Bucharest labor market, which will describe the activity of the students from the target group. to businesses.

Main objectives:

  • Developing to the students in the target group the abilities of verbal, verbal and nonverbal communication in specific situations to economic agents;
  • Developing the school-business partnership by concluding at least 18 collaboration agreements between ISMB and economic agents;
  • Increasing the level of knowledge among the target group regarding the trades / qualifications on the Bucharest labor market, by carrying out the magazine of trades on the Bucharest labor market;
  • Identifying their own strengths (as well as those that need to be developed) by the students themselves Identification of the areas of interest for the future profession, of the suitable profession in accordance with the psychic and intellectual profile of the students, of their competences, as well as of the roles that they can assume;
  • Solving practical problems raised by the trades / qualifications presented in the business environment;
  • Correlation of the intervention strategy in the career orientation of the students in the target group with the business environment.

The target group is made up of 900 students from the 7th and 8th grades, from the 30 pilot education units. At each school of the 30 pilot schools will be formed groups of 30 students, from the 7th and 8th grades, who will participate in both the specific activities carried out within the school, as well as the economic agents. The 30 students from each school will be divided into 3 groups, each with 10 students, who will participate in the economic agents with which the ISMB applicant has signed the partnership agreements.

Within the project, a set of specific activities will be implemented to know and disseminate the project and all its results at the community level. At the beginning of the project, a communication and dissemination plan of the project results will be made to the general public, by the responsible for dissemination and valorization of the project management team. The external partners will be directly involved in the activities of promoting and enhancing the project and its results, by providing quality information about the project (press releases, publication on the ISMB website and on the CCD, CMBRAE and ADDE websites, interviews in the local press). In particular, all the participants in the project will make dissemination materials of the project that they will present in the teacher councils from the schools of origin, in the schools they monitor and in the methodical activities with the specialized teachers realized at the level of the municipality.

The dissemination plan of the project envisages two stages of work:

  • At the target group level, the impact analysis of the project will be carried out based on questionnaires and interviews that will be conducted during the workshops and on the occasion of the final conference.
  • The implementation team from the ISMB level will prepare an evaluation report based on the feedback of the target group, which will be transmitted later in the educational institutions involved and presented in the Administrative Councils, in the Teachers ‘Councils, in the Councils of the parents and pupils’ representatives, on school websites and in their magazines. The evaluation report will also be disseminated to the external partners involved – ADDE, CMBRAE and CCD.

The information and promotion manager of the project will elaborate and publish in the local press an article on the results and impact of the project on the pre-university education system in Bucharest.