Innovative models applicable in the educational systems, focused on the ecological education of the students

Starting from September 2014, for 2 years, ADDE carried out the mobility project no. 2014-1-RO01-KA102-001033, within the Erasmus + Program, Key Action 1 – Mobility projects, the field of Vocational Training, with the title “Innovative models applicable in educational systems, focused on the ecological education of students”, aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and rational use of natural resources ”, based on the financing contract signed with the National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Vocational Training.

This project consisted in the realization of an exchange of experience and transfer of good practices for a target group of 24 teachers, trainers, responsible for professional training, authors of textbooks, members of the Association, using alternative teaching / learning methods, having as a purpose to motivate students from pre-university education for learning, especially the one based on sustainable development, through the development and implementation of specific educational tools, measures and instruments.